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-27-19: Chapter #51 Central Illinois Regional Newsletter.

     On Saturday 4-20-19 the Central Illinois Group held its 35th annual indoor invitational auto show and swap meet. This is the 7th year to hold the show in the Avanti Dome (inflatable building) which has 60,000 square feet of usable area, 1/2 for show cars and 1/2 for swap meet. This building is in Pekin, IL.  Attendance was up slightly from last year

Early Ford V8 Club of Peoria
Minutes – April 19, 2019

     With this area we are able to park 102 show cars, and a number of special interest items to include motorcycles, scooters, and vintage lawn equipment. There is still room for 50 vendors inside, vendors are also located in the parking lot. We had an exceptionally nice day with lots of sunshine for the show.

     A silent auction and a 50/50 drawing were held with the proceeds going to the Children's Hospital of Illinois. For the past few years (not counting this year) we have donated $32,500.00 to the Children's Hospital.

     The show runs from 7 AM to 7 PM to clear the building of cars and swappers. This is a one day show for the Saturday before Easter Sunday. Trophies are presented to the top 20 as voted by attendees, all show participants receive a plaque with a dash plaque and picture of their car, also, trophies are presented to top club Male choice, Ladies choice, Memorial and Children's Hospital choices

     Steve Swingle chaired the show with Jerry Haven as co-chair, and Pat Swingle (Steve's Wife) coordinated the 50/50 sales and drawing, as well as the Silent Auction. Alan Doubet coordinated the Swap Meet. The Memorial Award was presented to Shirley Heller and her Grandson Tanner McBride who drove the truck, a 1941 Ford 1/2 ton shown above. Her Husband Gene Heller passed on August 8, 2018. Gene was active in our club. He is greatly missed.

     We want to express our appreciation to those who traveled a long distance to take part in the show. We had participants from surrounding states, and of course from the home state of Illinois, after 35 years we rarely have a car appear the 2nd time.

     The Early Ford Showroom located north of Peoria on route 40 at the Wheels O' Time Museum will be open to the public on May 1, 2019, Wednesday thru Sunday, 12:00 noon until 5:00 PM. It will be staffed during that time by an Early Ford V-8 member.

Submitted by Marshal Adams

    May 2019 Newsletter Items 
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Meeting was called to order at 7:00PM by Kenn Sutton in the absence of Alex S.

Minutes were read by Angela Zimmerman

One correction was made: The Illinois Historical society is presenting and dedicating the Marker at Wheels O Time. Not the Peoria Historical Society as listed in the minutes.

Minutes were approved after the correction.

Treasurer report by Mary Kamp.   A number of bills have been paid, Rental fee for WOT, permit for 50/50 and the trophies.  More small change will be available for the ticket sales at the car show.

Car Show.

We now have 103 cars and 13 special interest vehicles.   Jerry H delivered posters to all Casey gas stations through IL.  Lacon, Bradford, Chillicothe, and Pontiac to all the museum in that area.

Jerry H did a 30 minute radio announcement on 90.7. Other announcements of our show were on Channel 25, Alan D and Kenn S will be on TV early on Friday morning. 

Steve S. announced that we put ad in the Pekin paper and in the Rockford paper. 

Our show announcement was also published in the Peoria County Farm Bureau magazine.

4 cars are coming Saturday morning. 

Announcement that Jerry H would like to retire from co-chairman of the car show.  His son, Chris, would also like to have assistance with his duties.  

Club members ... Please do not park your personal cars in the back with the car trailers. It makes it very difficult to get trailers parked with your personal cars in this parking lot.
Mike Murphy, and Born Paint donated $100 to the show.
Food for Friday and Saturday, please bring snacks like cookies, potato chips, relish trays for snacking on the weekend.  But all club members will buy their own lunch.


Thank you to all that helped with the clean up last Saturday.  We are ready for opening on May 1st  Goals for this year from the WOT board. 1) Leasing property from State Hwy dept for a bigger parking lot out front. 2) paint 4 train cars.  3) put AC in train cars. 4) “Death Valley” will be cleaned out 5) new building will be built 32x24. It will be called “Happy Valley”. 5) Fund raiser for large 50'x100'  is in the plans. 

WOT Ford showroom

Doug R. reported that he has 7 days open for hosting in the Ford room.
Has 3 cars for May show room.

Has cars scheduled through August.

Special announcement:

Steve Hayes invited all to attend “2nd Annual Hot Rod Day” hosted by Bob Strube, Jim McGrew, Steve Seltveit and Steve Hayes.   Saturday May 11, 2019, 90 Ashland Court, Morton, IL. This year women are also invited. 

Alex S has a new arrival at his home.  Little baby girl, Charlie Kay.  

Welcome David Mester for joining out club this evening.  He loves Mustangs and loves all Fords.

We will all have a lot to share with David.

The meeting was adjourned.

Kenn Sutton won the 50/50 so he will be bringing treats to the next meeting.

Minutes submitted by Angela Zimmerman